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Here are some of the more recent comments from Don's clients...

    "Our attendees are still talking about your Keynote Presentation.  I've been a meeting planner for over 15 years, and your reviews have been the most positive ever!  Rest assured, we will highly recommend you and will use you again whenever possible in the future.  Thanks again!" 

- S.R., Orlando, Florida 


   "I'm not sure how you did it, but you seemed to understand our industry better than many of the attendees.  You knew the names, the players, the history, the current challenges...simply amazing!  The effort you put in to customizing your Keynote Presentation for our industry was very much appreciated.  I can't ever recall our members being more pleased with a speaker!" 
- R.K., Boston, MA


   "It is my great pleasure to recommend Don Gilman to any Meeting Planner.  Don's professionalism, his wit and wisdom, and his ability to customize his Keynote Presentations, make him unique and highly effective for any organization.  We have used him several times now, and the reviews just keep getting better!" 
- S.M., Arlington, VA


   "First of all, I want to personally thank you for the exceptional Keynote Presentation you gave two weeks ago on how we can adapt to our VUCA environment.  Our employees are still buzzing about it.  I also wanted to let you know that the Board of Directors has met and we would like you to give this presentation to each of our branches...and the Board has authorized me to beg, if necessary!" 
- A.J., Los Angeles, CA


 San Francisco, CA:
   "Don is a great speaker!  He really made the content come to life!  Had a lot of experience to offer up" - D.H.
   "Don was very engaging, well-prepared, and worked very hard during the entire session." - K.L.
   "This was the most useful class that I have taken. Very helpful tidbits to use at work and at home." - S.N.
   "Don was was an excellent facilitator making for a great learning experience that was fun!" - S.M. 
   "I was expecting to be bored, but I enjoyed every minute thanks to Don!." - A.N. 
   "Don was very engaging and knowledgeable.  His communication style was clear and fit the culture of our office/environment." - S.S. 
Hawthorne, CA:
   "Best seminar I have ever taken in my 30+ year career!" - S.H.
   "Somehow Don kept the entire group engaged for a full day!" - D.S.
Santa Ana, CA:
   "Excellent!" - M.H.
   "Great Class!!!" - G.L.
Glendale, CA:
   "Don is an excellent speaker - engaged me, very smart and kept my attention." - J.M.
   "Don's style was excellent.  He took control with tone, expertise, stories, and drove the points home always." - M.B.
   "Don Gilman is an excellent instructor. Very engaging.  Excellent content." - D.P.
   "Don's storytelling ability was awesome and captivating." - N.S.

 Palo Alto, CA:
   "Very motivating and credible speaker." - J.L.
   "I loved Don's presentation." - J.P.
   "Don was excellent.  Great speaker.  Captured attention.  Good real-life examples." - K.U.

San Clemente, CA:
   "Well worth the two days." - R.A.
   "Don was great.  He was very engaging." - J.L.
   "Don was awesome and has a very animated voice.  He kept me active listening." - S.L. 
   "Great speaker!" - K.D. 
Glendale, CA:
   "Great class!" -  J.T.
   "Don is a great instructor!" - N.N.
   "This has been the most beneficial training I have ever attended." - S.F.
   "Loved all the stories - reinforced the topic." - S.C.
   "Don is a really dynamic speaker, really kept us all engaged in class." - A.B.
   "Very engaging and animated." - C.H.
   "Great class!  Participants engaged throughout the 2-day course.  Impressive!" - S.F.
Minneapolis, MN:
   "Great job, Don!  First time I've had an instructor do such an effective job in focusing Day 2 content based on Day 1 feedback." - B.C.
   "Don did a great job of matching the class interests with the material presented." - L.W. 
   "Appreciated the interaction between Don and the group.  Relevant data that I can apply in the workplace.  I will recommend the class to coworkers." - M.R. 
Auburn Hills, MI:
   "Don is a true leader of Change Management.  Excellent energy and knowledge of the subject." - G.P.
   "One of the best 1-day training sessions I've attended." - D.S. 
   "Excellent flow of content and pace of class.  Will highly recommend." - J.S. 
   "Excellent speaker/leader.  Great class.  Enjoyed it and learned quite a bit." - S.B. 
Vancouver, BC, Canada:
   "Excellent fast track into Change Management." - A.B.
   "Don is very engaging!  Enjoyed the class." - M.M.
   "Loved it!  Very helpful for first time managers like me." A.G.